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Mac pro 2010 for editing 4k video

mac pro 2010 for editing 4k video

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Obviously a longer project could easily run up eriting 1 TB. Posted on May 16, PM. May 16, PM. RAID is not a good solution for backup. It is wasteful of drives without providing significant increased reliability. You would be better served by having multiple different backups on those same multiple drives.
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  • Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing: What to Look For?

    There are many companies offering custom Macs and PCs for editing. Most editing software packages do not support all the codecs and file types used wditing 4K cameras.

    Keep in mind that often the hardware specs listed are a dor to have the software function, unless you have ediing lot of patience and time to spare your going to want a bit more in system power. REDCODE R3D is supported natively by all the major editing software packages and has the major advantage in post of letting you choose a playback resolution. This can save a lot of time and storage space.

    Lightworks and EDIUS Pro 7 offer little in native codec support beyond R3D, although the fact that they due essentially automatically edit offline by transcoding most footage on import does insure a more stable editing environment.

    Editing software updates are frequent and native support for camera files are usually a priority. Before you buy, check websites for updates to see what formats are supported.

    This is something to keep in mind when considering system options. Dell announced three 4K monitors that reproduce percent of the sRGB color space making them a good option for color grading. While your standard UPS only turns on when the power goes out, more advanced models include power filtering and under- and over-voltage protection. Low voltage can damage electronics just as easily as over voltage and is a common and costly problem.

    Remember that minimum specs get minimum performance. Go above the minimums for optimal performance. Building your own editing system can be a little scary at first, but a DIY rig can save you thousands of dollars. If you need help, there are many tutorials and guides to computer construction online. Here is a list of parts with prices sourced from one online retailer, so it should be considered an average, knowing that with fluctuations in the market, you may find either greater or lesser prices.

    Can a Mac Pro be Used for 4K Video Editing? | B&H Explora

    To start off, you need to ask yourself some questions about your projects. How complex are your projects: single camera, multi-camera, animation, VFX? Odin Lindblom is an award-winning editor whose work includes film, commercials, and corporate video.

    Odin has been building his own editing systems for the past ten years. Server Drives and Girl with Motherboard images from Shutterstock. I have been building my own systems for 20 years now. Why pay for for Apple when the same stuff is under the hood?

    If I wanted a Mac I would by a computer with no Operating system and install Videi a free Operting system on which Mac OS is built and put an Apple sticker on it andsave myself some serious cash! Think outside the box. It is as quiet as my smartphone even under load and there is nothing like it in the PC market.

    Aug 10,  · are u planning to edit 4k videos on ur macbook pro 13inch base model? well then u r in the right place it is obvious when u planing to buy such an expensive machine then u . Feb 14,  · Hi guys! I'm sorry if this is noob-like, but I'm not too knowledgable on processors for video editing, so could do with some pointers. I currently use Final Cut X to edit 4K video on my mid Mac Pro (big silver tower). I currently have a mac pro that i use to edit Adobe Pro on.I have it crashing on me often.I had replaced the graphics card a while back with a NVIDIA Quadro and am running 32 Gigs of Ram. Im trying to determine what is doing monitor is a LG 32 inch curved video footage comes from Sony & Panasonic camera’s.

    My PC is nowhere neat the specs mentioned above, and I have experienced any slow-down's in performance. Everything else is standard, run-of-the-mill. As for the comment that MAC's are faster editing computers, this is just plan false. The primary difference in modern-day MAC's vs.

    mac pro 2010 for editing 4k video

    PC's is ivdeo operating system. If I would have mwc another grand into it, Edoting could have had dual top of the line graphics and a Raid array. I guess it all comes down to individual needs. For short films shot on a single 4k camera, you can spend about dollars, I spent on an Asus MD50, 16gb ram, rpm, i72 TB HDD with 4k monitor and it previews and edits 4K like it's nothing, although with GH4 I hear the file sizes are a bit friendlier to the PC.

    Anyway I haven't tested Adobe premiere to the hilt, but I put together a 7 minute min film, downscaled from 4K to p and it ran as smooth as silk, rendered in no time as well. I very much doubt it's necessary to spend dollars unless you are making an FX-heavy feature film. I have an iMac with Processor 3. Is that suitable to be able to edit 4K footage??

    Upgrade the components in a Mid Mac … - Apple Community

    I tried to open a file rpo no success. Please lro me but I wanted to pontificate a little…or maybe its whine…. I sort of have grown to hate this hardware aspect anymore…. I was viideo on what was what back then but when I look at specs now I find myself lost…so I guess I need to spend more countless hours figuring out what is what in the realm of PC hardware….

    See, I had picked up a Sony PXW-X70 camera last december and recently upgraded to 4k to take advantage of the rebate sony was offering. But since CS6 doesnt support 4k, I loaded Resolve just look at the test footage. System wont play it without bad stuttering. Ok, so more reason to look at upgrading right? I just want to edit.

    I read the comments about the mac performance, etc, etc, etc. Well, actually I do have two Mac Pro cheesegrater, a full updated 1.

    The Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing (Buyer's Guide in )

    So, the MP 1. I had read that its happens to a lots of people.

    Normally I have eediting used the hdd as a project and media drives, because in my case that I editihg Avid Media Composer the files edjting folders generated by the software for 4l project weigh very little and then it would seem a waste to use an entire SSD to occupy so little space.

    This article is severely outdated with computer information concerning AMD and the current motherboard supports of PCIe 3. Everything from phones to paper-thin notebooks are engineering to work efficiently, and this makes their MacBooks ideal for all levels of video editing. For the casual creativewe recommend the inch MacBook Pro with GB SSDwhich offers quality performance without unnecessarily bulking up the specs. The storage has been beefed up a bit, and the touch bar offers a new dimension of functionality.

    Since video software can make use of multiple threads as well, these will benefit you while creating your project. The final element that will make or break the performance of your MacBook while working on video editing is RAM.

    Editing in 4K: Minimum System Requirements - Videomaker

    Whether college student or budding short-film director, you need power and a modern flair without the expense of a professional setup.

    Truly a top of the line pr, this MacBook Pro model was built for precision and nothing less. The 8-core i9 processor can stand up to just about anything you throw at it, it has a powerful graphics card UHD Graphics Just getting started with editing your own videos? Also, check out this complete video editing tutorial for non-editors on Mac:. A fan of iMovie?