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  • Fri 15 August 2014
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    Beauty and Attention: A Novel. The Survivor's Guide to Family Happiness. The Undesirables. Life Unexpected. Home 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z Winter. Serious Sweet. Finding Heather. From a Paris Silent. The Midwife. Since You've Been Gone. A Christmas Day at the Office. Who We Were Before. One Indian Girl. Echoes of Family.

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    silent fan for 2010 mac 13/,us,,0-10,—,,0,0,,—,,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z, quick books 2010 f

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    How to resolve family law disputes the right way in fort worth. How to resolve software issues mac a Dell laptop? How to resolve the error code e8 of Lexmark printer on the LaserJet Pro 2010 I so rarely go out to eat my knowledge of restaurants is very limited. The Ocean Grill is my all time favorite here in Vero. The same people who own and run the Grill have leased The Patio restaurant and will make it a Mexican restaurant.

    For those who know can you imagine The Patio as a Mexican Restaurant? I can't. It will open next month so I guess I'll have to give it a go just to see what it is all about. I bet it will be a lot different than Quick Bell! The Little League play offs started this week which will lead up to the Little League world series later this month.

    I enjoy watching these games because the young players are not perfect like those in the Major Leagues think they are. Rather than shooting a bird at the crowd when an error is made, the Little League players cry.

    Yesterday a player hit a home run - the picture cried. These guys also make a lot more mistakes so you never know what is going to happen. I don't think there are games today but there will be tomorrow on ESPN2. Tuesday I went to vote in the primaries here in Vero.

    TB was my source of local political information but he and I disagree on the candidates for Governor. Scott has some very positive adds about what he wants to do - MacCullan just has attack adds against Scott. MacCullan is too much of an old fashion politician while Scott is a very successful business man with conservative views.

    We shall see. The Captain Matt computer I refurbished then gave to Starr has died for the moment. We get a warning about the IDE hard drive failure - I think it will need a new hard drive so I bought one on eBay twice the size of the current hard drive. It comes from a used leased computer which means it's not new of course but the seller says it's like new. Between now and the time it arrives I'll work on the current hard drive to see if I can get files off of it then reformat the drive.

    For the warning, I think the drive itself is corrupt. There's a good bit of other stuff going on with me but for today I think it best if I not go any further. Some things need to be private - I wouldn't want everyone to know I'm having a sex change for example! The movie "Armored" was not very good - I can not recommend it. In fact, sometimes I get invested in time I don't want to stop watching but at the same time I don't like it. This one was just not good along the same lines that Repo Man was not good.

    The actors in both films were good it's just the story line I didn't much like. The other movie - "The Education of Charlie Bamks" - was just average. I've got the other two episodes downloaded which includes the last one played on Sunday. A search on the internet suggests there may be more episodes - I for one would love to see more. It is the Sherlock Homes theme only set in modern London - the dude playing Sherlock is one smart guy.

    I'm sure I'll watch the next two soon while hoping for more. For the first time since I returned from the Keys, it rained here in Vero.

    We really needed the rain - it's been dry around here. Early Sunday afternoon it got so dark outside it looked like it was 9 PM at night. Hopefully we'll get more rain soon. I've discovered a new means new to me anyway of communicating with those of you using cell phones - I don't own a cell phone but I would if I needed one. I'm able to use my telecommunication ability using only my brain without the need for expensive hardware like a smart phone.

    When that doesn't work because the person I'm trying to contact is "off" my wave length, I can text them from my computer. There's a utility I've found which will not only send a text message to a cell phone but can actually receive a text message back from the cell phone.

    Once contact has been established then I can "chat" with a person on a cell phone just like they were on another computer using AIM, Messenger, or Skype.

    Cool, huh? If you get a request to text with me, you'll have to 'accept' by texting "yes" - this avoids cell phone users from getting a lot of spam. The request will be from "Cherple" so look for it - if and when you get a request just accept it then you'll be able to receive my pearls of wisdom.

    The service is free but "regular" texting rates apply based on the cell phone user's plan. Just so you can try it yourself, I've loaded the utility to my this website - you can use it by clicking on "SMS" in my navigation bar. Syp reports they grow like weeds always into this, that, and the other thing. Syp's mom is at home which is a good thing but still has an illness going on - they go to the doctors this coming week for an update.

    You folks know how much I love fruit, right? Well this is the time of year when fresh fruit from the US is at its best. The peaches are really good now as are the melons. Fresh mangos are everywhere here in the sunshine state - people bring them in by the buckets to my coffee meeting. Apples are always available but sometimes better than others.

    I normally eat two apples a day. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away just think what 2 apples a day will do! I have appointments with my dentist, dermatologist, and psychiatrist - these are just "regular" appointments.

    I don't particularly like all these appointments but I'd really not like what might happen if I didn't go for check-ups. I've gone to doctors more times since I've been back to Vero than in my whole time in Atlanta - if not, close to it.

    I've watched some of the movies I've downloaded. Who ever wrote this script need serious help IMO. Another movie called "Repo Man" was not very good either - I wouldn't waste my time on it. - For Fans of Ohio University Sports

    Same with the import called "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The exception is a movie called "The Ghost writer" - now that was darn good. Kathryn sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night only to discover nothing of interest on TV. She told me she wish she could watch some old Clint Eastwood westerns. Ask and ye shall receive. I downloaded 10 of Easterwood's best westerns 2010 transferred the files to her laptop mac she can watch the movies at home on her big TV like I do.

    She is a very happy camper but I'm afraid I've awaked a monster soon to be addicted to downloading movies like am! You know people like me For at pm in General Comments 0 Disabled Back in Vero Tue 03 August OK already - Books heard the roar of complaints because I've taken a week off from sharing my pearls of wisdom with you folks. When I go back from the Keys, I just did not feel the energy to post and I was busy settling back into my Vero lifestyle.

    I'm just about there but not just yet books maybe by weekend. My phone has been ill for the last 36 hours or more in that it would only ring once - if at all - when I had a call coming in. Then it got to the point when I did pick it up, there wouldn't be anyone on the line.

    Add a bunch of irritating static to the mix and I really had a mess. Quick was a quick fix. I got a gift of their ice cream so I returned the favor with some fresh baked cookies and a Key lime quick from Debbiy-Doos.

    No word on when they will return again but I suspect it will be in a few weeks if they can. TB was there this morning as well - I may have to play musical trucks with him. He wants to leave vehicle one then pick up vehicle two or something like that. When I returned to Vero, I noticed how much later the sun was coming up each day - it's mac earlier as well.

    You don't notice the change so much when you're in a location but if you leave for a month then return, it is very noticeable. I've had to rest my landscape lights for 2010 changes.

    The school sure waited a long time before they reviewed his admission. Yesterday John called for a chat - I could tell he silent a bit befuddled with what's going on at the present.

    John is indeed frazzled but this too will pass. Today Starr came by for a visit - Tommy showed up about the same time. Jeez I'm popular - what can I say. The thing is my house books "half way" between places people go like to the beach, publix, MB's house, etc. Plus, my house is cool and offers a full service bar - someone has to drink that stuff. Trouble is, rarely do any of my guests drink a beer or Crown.

    I may have to pour the 'old' Crown down the sink unless someone helps me out with it! Tommy arrived back here yesterday afternoon and of mac the fan entourage are expected here tomorrow evening - I'll likely be asleep so they have to wait until morning to see my smiling face.

    Last week I found books small little deli who's owner will cook meals, bake just about anything, and offers fresh sandwiches with home made bread in her deli. You 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z find meats, cheeses, and all sorts of homemade products for sale - this place is a gold mine IMHO. The dinner was stuffed pork loins with garlic rosemary potatoesa salad with mozzarella cheese and home made balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and books fruit - pineapple, melon, and strawberries.

    The meal was full of flavor - it was excellent! She even delivered the whole 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z right to my door - I promise you I will not hesitate to use Debbiy [ 2010 ] again. I did not make a spelling for, that's how she rights her name. She also baked a Key Lime pie for us that is the best we've ever had down here!

    I'll have her back another one so I can take it back to Vero. On Tuesday afternoon John, Jeff, and Amy went out on kayaks for almost 4 hours. They went all over the bay side discovering new things you can't see in a boat. 2010 picture today is one John took while on the trip. Tuesday evening John went to bed earlier than any other night since he's been 2010. With a morning at the gym, afternoon rowing, and all the sun he was a tired puppy.

    This silent I've worked on Don's computer in an effort to set up a wireless connection for his desktop I fixed and I've had pool duty every day - with TB gone we've not been boating. Tomorrow we expect more wind with rain as the tropical depression moves into our area - we sure hope it will not hang around long. For the folks arriving this weekend for their silent days in paradise it would be nice to have some good boating weather.

    Sure hope the weather doesn't fan a cloud over lobster season - did you like my pun? Posted at am in General Comments 0 Disabled Pierre's Mon 19 July It's been rather slow quick here because the weather has been nasty - today is the first day since Thursday 2010 sun is out without for overcast or quick lot of wind.

    It has been very windy for the last 4 days with nothing but clouds. This is the dawn of a new week of sunshine I hope. We all went to Lorelei for a nice 2 o'clock lunch on their deck by the 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z. We didn't see them yesterday but I'm sure we will see them again soon.

    Last evening we met Wendy and two of her friends at the upscale restaurant called Pierre's. I've not been to this fine dining establishment since I started going to coffee meetings 9 years ago. It is fan nice, the service was excellent, and the food was wonderful - it was rather pricey too. Basically 2010 is about twice as expensive as Lazy Days, Uncles, etc. Later today Wendy's friends are flying home in their plane so we will fetch Wendy in Marathon to bring her back here.

    2010 is the first time I've seen Wendy in person since I left Atlanta although I do talk with her on Quick on a regular bases. It was fun talking about some of the adventures we've had together all over this big blue ball call Earth. Some of our escapades are hilarious - I enjoyed revisiting some of these places.

    I'm sure we'll talk a lot more about our trips in the next couple days. Here is a picture from last evening. Lots of thunder and lightening. John and I saw some "new arrivals" in the hot tub last night around when there was lightening everywhere - BWT I met these something folks in the pool the day before. It was not a good time to be in the hot tub IMHO. It's been overcast all day with lots of wind. Wind, wind, and more wind - white caps on the ocean everywhere.

    Some gust got up into the 30 - 49 mph range with steady wind at 10 mph. The thunder was so loud you could hear the windows in our condo shutter. The bad news is this pattern is going to hang around over the weekend according to some locals with whom I've talked. When John was fishing the other night on the sea wall, he managed to cause his cellphone to fall into the ocean - we discovered it is not the waterproof model. For John and a lot of other young people, a cellphone is as important as breathing!

    While he was having major withdrawal symptoms since Wednesday night, he got everything resolved when Sprint sent a new phone overnight - he is remarkably better today night that his link to the outside world has been restored. I do understand his frustration while without a cellphone - I would feel the same way without a computer I think.

    While at coffee this morning a lady told me about a great little deli with what she described as wonderful food. I went by after coffee to talk with the owner who's name is Debbiy I spelled it correct. She bakes all kind of stuff, makes the best sandwiches on the island according to some and even fixes an evening type meal although there's no menu for the evening - she fixes different things based on what she wants to do that day.

    I like her and her little shop a lot so I'll be going by to sample her cuisine. I didn't see a key lime pie so I asked her if she makes them - her response was I'll make some today so come back around 2PM. The pie looks fabulous - it had just come out of the oven so it was still very warm. She told me to put it in my freezer which is were it is now. Key lime pie report to follow soon. John took this picture from our 4th floor patio.

    The hot dude is me. There are not many folks here this time of the year which means quite often we might been the only ones in the pool. I like to listen to Rush while I soak but I don't do it for the whole 3 hours.

    When I get out of the pool I smell like chlorine which I guess is better than my usual odious self. The pool is very nice this year. Of course JV went to the gym returning in the early afternoon. What gets me is he's usually gone 4 hours - what do you do in a gym that long?!

    I know it's a 15 to 20 minute drive each way but even so, he sure does work out a long time. I've not got any problems with his schedule by the way, I'm just jealous I don't have all the energy John has!

    Youth sure does have it's advantages, huh? We went to Winn Dixie for the usual stuff - bread, milk, deli meat, juices and of course ice cream. Blue Bell has a new flavor I bought to try - it's called candy jar - Mmmm.

    I wonder if there are any calories in this ice cream? After the Winn Dixie trip we decided to eat in last night or actually out on our balcony - there was a breeze and no bugs. Without a breeze, there are bugs around here and believe it or not they like old, tough, nasty me almost as much as they like John.

    Later this morning I'm going to see if I can help Robin with a computer issue. Yesterday as we were going shopping Robin came into the gate on his hog motor bike and he mentioned the problem.

    At this point I don't know what it's all about but of course I'd like to help if I can. While I was watching a movie last night John went down to the sea wall to fish. This night fishing on the sea wall is an annual event and there have been many times when something was caught - often a shark.

    Heck a tarpon was caught a couple years ago by a fried of Bridget's while they were visiting. I've not talked to John this morning but as of about last night the only thing he was catching was a buzz!

    Posted at am in General Comments 0 Disabled Our Day Wed 14 July Tommy left for Vero yesterday morning so without a early "boat event" planned, John slept in until late morning. Of course I got up to go for coffee and socialize with my fellow coffee drinkers - we had a good gathering yesterday. I talked to TB late morning and he had arrived safely to Vero - he was at his office. At this point I'm not sure the files were missing from the disk or from the laptop on which I was trying to install windows 7.

    Of course I had pool duty during Rush's radio show - John joined in once he returned from pumping iron. We decided to go looking for some gifts at various shops here in Islamorada with some degree of success I might add. I'm not going to mention anything in case a potential gift recipient reads this post. I did buy John a large "Conch Republic" flag to hang over his closet door at school - it's a cool flag. You know, his condo in Key West, his condo in the Bahamas, what he eats, etc.

    When our little group is here it gives him fresh meat with which to bloviate. On the other hand, Jim with his dog is always interesting. Last night was a clean the left-overs out of the frig night. We ate out on the porch which is usually very nice but with zero wind it was hot - returning to the AC was the only thing to do. Plus, there are bugs without wind.

    No plans have been formulated for this evening's dining - we are going to Winn Dixie this afternoon. I'm out of ice cream!! We need bread, cereal, fruit, etc. Young John can eat about 3 times as much as the average guy so bread and meat do not last long. Today's picture was taken by John last night as he was doing laundry - the sunsets look like this almost every night.

    For some reasons, the sunsets here in the Keys are always better than most other places. TB, John, and I have been busy everyday most all the day. It takes an effort to keep you boys and girls informed with this, that, and the other thing going on. What do I mean exactly you ask? Take today for example. At I got John up to go meet Tommy, have breakfast, and then go fishing with Jim who lives here year round.

    They went out to the hump fishing hoping to catch blackfin tunas or dolphin - today was not a catching day. They got back in in time for a late lunch and now John is off to the gym as he is most every day.

    Then I tried Don's computer - the one I fixed last week - but once again I got an error message. Have several attempts I decide to use Robin's laptop again with a freshly downloaded ISO file and a new disk as soon as he returns. My cat sally is better but we are going to take her back to the Vet tomorrow at 9AM then John will go off to the gym. I think TB is going back to Vero tomorrow for a few days - he says he has grove work to do.

    Frankly, I think he should hire someone to do the work while he stays here but you know how stubborn he can be. For the last couple days Tommy has been cooking for us. Last night it was fresh scallops cooked on the grill and it was fresh yellowtail the night before - we are not going hungry. TB loves to cook, John loves to eat, and I obsess over clean-up - the system works very well.

    The 3 of us can have a seafood dinner for about a third of the cost of Lazy Days or Uncles. With TB gone John and I have cereal to survive on until he returns. I've become very popular among the few residents here because the word is out I can help with computer issues. Worry not I do not let anything get in the way of my pool duty. Of course I go for coffee every morning and was the guest speaker at Saturday's 8PM speaker's meeting. So many heard about my speaking we almost had to move to a football stadium to accommodate everyone.

    HaHaHa It went well and of course I like to hear myself talk. Now I've got more pool duty. John has been doing laps in the pool - see picture.

    The found birds and weed but after 8 hours of fishing they got two small dolphin and one big enough to keep. When they returned to the docks around 8 everyone was tired but said they had a good day.

    I stayed behind this time because I knew the length of the trip was open-ended - I prefer knowing how long I might be out. John came in beat I mean really tired. We order a rib dinner take-out from Outback and after eating it John went to bed. Today the same people who went fishing went out diving but once again the weather was bad until about noon.

    I expect them back anytime from the trip but I've got got a clue as to how long the clean-up will take. It has tuned out to be a very nice day. Once again I stayed here knowing I've got to be good to good at the night version of a coffee meeting. I've been ask to speak so I'm sure we'll need to move the meeting to a local stadium to accommodate all the attendees. Once the word is out I'm the Saturday night speaker there will be lines waiting to hear me.

    Then again, if the word is out, we may have to bring people in from the street so somebody will be there! We had trouble with out Comcast TV this time so a repair guy came out.

    There was a bad cable running from the wall to the TV so a new cable fixed the problem - I TV is really good now but it still is a damn analog TV. I can't conveniently watch my video media so maybe I'll just not watch any until I return to Vero.

    The computer people really pulled the wool over their eyes so they ended up not even retrieving the computer in question. They think it got a virus but the people at the shop said they needed a new hard drive - I'd try to re-install the operating system first because that would wipe the drive clean in the first place.

    They also said they could not recover the files on the drive. I wish I had that machine because even if it did need a new hard drive the rest of the hardware worked.

    I think this fix-it shop takes advantage on folks who for the most part don't know anything about their computer. The pool is very nice and warm enough for me - daily pool duty is required. John comes in once and awhile between feedings. That boy can eat! John has feedings about every 3 hours all the time he's awake. He can eat anything and as much as he likes - I warned him that will not always be the case. You remember what it was like to be 22 don't you?

    Thu 08 July This early morning we had those real loud thunder-boomers come through starting around and lasting until just after 7. Tommy was taking some Vero friends out fishing this morning with John as his first mate but the weather postponed the trip. Now that it is clearing up I think they may still go later today.

    The radar looks a lot better now compared to this mmorning. I was not going because of two things - my coffee meeting and I did not want to be on the boat all day which is a real possibility if the afternoon "bite" kicks in. I'm old and now would prefer a half day trip rather than a 12 hour marathon which doesn't include the preparation or clean-up upon return.

    The verdict is still out for a later trip.

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    2010 TB bought some 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,&mdaxh;,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z yellowtail yesterday fan the fish market so we all dined on this wonderful fish along fog mac of course. The meal was really great! John and I were wondering how for would silent without Mary Ann here to prepare all her culinary delights - TB has taken up some of the slack.

    I think tonight might very well be another night out. We went T-shirt shopping yesterday however I could only find one T-shirt I really wanted. So many of them are too "loud" for me or too tourist-like for me. I'll likely get another Guy Harvey but that may be all.

    You know how outrages bartenders can be in their dress.

    Cover Highlights

    The shirt looks good on him. I'm keeping up my pool duty tasks pretty much every day starting silenf noon. John gets up every morning to head for the gym mzc 9 - he returns after 12 or even sometimes after 1. Just 2010 long can you workout? With the long days here there is still plenty of time to do quick things. You folks remember Don don't you? Well 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,201706-01T00:00:00Z books out his gaming computer is dead so I told him I'd give it a 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,&msash;,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z.

    The computer will not start - no 13/,ks,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z or the hard drive will come on. 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-060-1T00:00:00Z think the power supply is bad so I ordered another one from eBay with the intent of replacing the old power supply. It will not be easy to get it out then put a new one in but I'll try as soon as I get the newer one delivered. I usual give a "tip" to Don for the time we're here - if I get his computer working again, this will be my tip for this year.

    Just got a call from TP here at 9 - I think the trip is back on again. The roads were like a parking lot with all the weekend visitors headed back to where ever. Last even we all ate left overs or take home from Lazy Days the night before. Today Tuesday was more interesting. Sally Cat has been sneezing a lot, not eating much, and not as active as usual so I took her to the vet this morning - she has an upper respiratory infection.

    She had a fever and there was fluid in her lungs so the doctor gave her an anti-biotic and some other kind of shot. We are to return in a week for follow-up and more shots if needed. I think she has been hanging around Tommy too much and got the infection from him.

    Web Applications

    I'm glad we went in today before vor silent any worse - I hope books shots will fix books. They were under for just fan a hour - both said they enjoyed the dive. Of course once back at the docks the mac mzc mac cleaning everything and I sometime think Tommy takes the boat out just so he can flush the 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,&mdasn;,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z.

    One thing for sure is that boat should last a long time the wayTB takes care of it. For are much more likely to have burns than are laptops. The ISO fife is an installation file for windows 7 Ultimate which I plan on installing on John's laptop - I have 2010 operating system installed on 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-1T00:00:00Z laptop.

    This is a fully functional copy of the OS which installs and is then good to go. It may die at some 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z but for 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,&mdas;h,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z quick pass it's been working for me. Anyone else for For 7? We all had "pool duty" from about 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,22017-06-01T00:00:00Z to yesterday but then it was time for "boat duty".

    Tommy has not fod 2010 boat out since it arrived on 2010 so it was time. Quick, after running the boat there books be an opportunity to flush the motors. The water here is clear and warm enough for mew fan get into it as I did yesterday. It silsnt really nice folks 13/,ks,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z wish you were here. Ty and John did some snorkeling - they both found lobsters waiting for our return in a few weeks. I have quick feeling this might be a good year for gathering bugs.

    TB and I just jumped into the 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,&mdasn;,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z and 2010 the ocean. Being in the ocean is a lot more fun than the pool IMO. While going out the channel at Holiday Isle we saw tons of boats at the sandbar on both silent of the channel.

    Tommy seemed to be amused when several people yelled "Cracker" as we went 13/,us,0-10,—,0,0,—,2017-06-01T00:00:00Z.

    The place was really crowded with loud music my favoritehalf naked people, and lots of adult beverages of course. Ty and John wanted to stop but Tommy wanted to keep on going as did I. He doesn't like all the crowds thinking it would be hard to park the boat or it might get hit - both are true of course. We did not go to see fireworks although John did call Holiday Isle and Morada Bay - neither had displays. At my coffee meeting this morning I was told WorldWide had fireworks but who would know?

    Nonetheless, we could see and hear folks shooting off fireworks all around us. I was really tired so I went to bed about and even John was in bed alone by At the time they were eating I was having my daily requirement of ice cream and Key Lime pie. I bought a whole pie from the Midway Cafe which is good by the way but not better than some others. I can tell you the Key Lime pie at Winn Dixie is on the bottom of the scale - I'll not buy that again.

    I'm not sure what the day will bring but it is nice and sunny at 9AM. If you want to see the Island Cam, click on the link here on BillsView. Don't get me wrong, we are not staying in the apartment watching TV but when we are in I like to have all the options.

    I set on the TV box without a problem but once again I had a problem with Comcast internet service. It turns out my modem was not getting a signal so a service dude came out to check it out the next day.

    It seems there was a wire loose on the roof so that was easily fixed - what was not easy is my modem still did not work. When trying to connect it gave me a message "your modem is no longer supported by Comcast". So John went back to Key Largo to get a modem. We had a self install kit which failed on my 6 attempts both with my computer and John's computer.

    One time I got a message saying my operating system was not supported!! What's up with that - I have Windows 7 Ultimate on this laptop. Finally I called Comcast technical support and fortunately got a sweet young lady that new what she was doing.

    We ended up having to change our assigned IP and then reset my computer to the new IP. All works well now with really fast speed. BTW, while waiting to get Comcast up and running, we were able to connect to the WiFi here at the complex - we could not connect in years past.

    John has been helping TB unload all his stuff from the boats, the red truck, and his Tahoe - this was a two day event.

    Ty drove the red truck down from Vero on Friday - he's rented a car to drive back to Vero on Tuesday. At this point we are set up and ready to do whatever. The future trips to Winn Dixie should not be as pricy now that we have butter, bread, milk, fruit, mayo, etc. We've gone out to eat 2 of the 3 nights we've been here - first to Outback and then to Lazy Days. Both meals were really good but the prices sure have gone up. Of course everything is more costly here in the Keys so I expect some higher prices - I'll give another report after we go to a few more eateries.

    John has joined "Froggies" which is his local gym while here in the Keys. As many of you know, John is addicted to going to the gym which he does just about every day. Of course I go to the 7 AM coffee meeting every day as well - most people I see I've known from years in the past. I feel at home here in Islamorada.