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Best os for mid 2010 mac with new ssd for apps

best os for mid 2010 mac with new ssd for apps

While they offer fast speeds, solid-state drives SSDs are still pricey, and ssd costs can suddenly increase if you want to boost the storage when buying a Mac mini or an iMac. Thunderbolt adapter for mac 2010, both Macs support high-performance USB 3 and Thunderbolt 3, and you can use this help offset the costs of getting more storage. Then, to get the most out of the speed of the SSD in the Mac mini or iMac, you can split your system and apps to one drive, and your user files to another. Then you attach a high-capacity external drive SSD, hybrid, or even a fast hard drive for your user files, which would include music and photos. Check around for options for external drives, as prices can vary by large factors.
  • How to set up a Mac and macOS to take advantage of an SSD and external storage setup | Macworld
  • Which SSD for upgrading Mid Macbook Pro? : apple
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  • Installing an SSD in a MacBook Pro mid but OS X is on an external USB HDD - Ask Different
  • best os for mid 2010 mac with new ssd for apps

    Switched off last night, this morning switched mac back on, would not boot from SSD. Put back in OS DVD, checked disk utility, saw samsung ssd, under partition all ok but cant make it start up disk, got error message, partition fail, tried verify disk now and got some information was unavailable during an internal look up.

    I then tried the unmount tab but it says could not unmount. I am stuck good and proper. I wonder why it worked for a while and then once left powered off overnight failed. Then I installed a fresh version of osx on the ssd.

    After installation I plugged in my dead hdd with my old installation and simply dragged my home folder to my new hdd. When this was finished i changed the path to my home folder in system settings to my old folder I just copied to my new hdd.

    With a Mac mini, the two standard configurations come with a GB or GB SSD, which you use to storage macOS. Connect it to an Ethernet network cable, hold Cmd+Opt+R, and power up the machine. It will start an “Internet Recovery”. From there you can install the original Mac OS X. It might be that it can also do it over WiFi, but my Mid non-Pro can’t. After setting up your user you can upgrade to macOS High Sierra from the App Store. Feb 05,  · I have a mid Macbook Pro GHz Intel Core i7 that currently has 4 GB of RAM and the preinstalled GB hard drive, running Mavericks. New to Mac? Are you a new Mac owner? Mac Which SSD for upgrading Mid Macbook Pro?

    I haven't tried having the main OS disk externally but there should be recovery partition never the less. Recovery Mode gives you all you need to re install OS X. It might also be a spinning globe logo in some cases. If this doesn't happen, you don't have a recovery partition and in that case just use the OS disc you have. After that you can move the files from the external drive.

    How to set up a Mac and macOS to take advantage of an SSD and external storage setup | Macworld

    To the Apple-certified technicians that I know are here sometimes, please correct me if I'm wrong :. Mac OS Extended journaled. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

    Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed 4k times. You could try this aswel since I am guessing there is a problem with your old osx installation. So: Reinstall osx on your SSD Drag your old home folder on your new drive change the path to your home folder in system settings.

    When it finishes loading, you should get a desktop with "Install OS X" among the options.

    best os for mid 2010 mac with new ssd for apps

    Lasse Lasse 1, 5 5 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Highly recommended, and a great price compared to the newer Pro. An SSD will definitely give you a noticeable improvement in responsiveness.

    Which SSD for upgrading Mid Macbook Pro? : apple

    However, it won't do anything as far as rendering your stuff or stutter-free streaming HD content. An SSD will give you an improvement on startup, shutdown, Apps launches, and Apps retrieving information.

    It won't give you better performance for movie editing. That said, samsung EVO is a nice one.

    If you can give up your optical drive, you can replace it with a traditional HDD for a massive storage space. I grabbed the Samsung EVO this past summer and my computer is now faster than I ever remembered it being.

    Installing an SSD in a MacBook Pro mid but OS X is on an external USB HDD. Then open Disk Utility and make sure that the SSD is visible to the MacBook. If so, format it with 1 partion and HFS+ (Journaled, case-insensitive) as filesystem. Then proceed to install OS X and select the SSD . How do I install a new MacOS on a new hard drive? Question: Can I just go ahead and swap out my HDD to my new SSD, and go buy the disk of Mac OS Snow Leopard or Lion and pop it in to install it? Answered! i am having also have a problem with my Mac pro 15 Mid I also replaced my dead GB Sata ATA HD with a new one of same. Jul 31,  · *Any make best? *Is it easy to transfer OS to the external drive? (ie is it really. best to get a new Mini)? * If I did go for a new Mini, would the GHz dual core Mini or the 2GHz quad core Mini Server be faster? External SSD for a mid Mac Mini More Less. Apple Footer.

    There are quite a few guides for it after a quick google and its not difficult to do. Go with OWC's.

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    Installing an SSD in a MacBook Pro mid but OS X is on an external USB HDD - Ask Different

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