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Excel for mac tutorial 2010

excel for mac tutorial 2010

An Uttorial project management template for Mac with cross platform compatibility and automation. Easily generate barcodes in Microsoft Excel for Mac or with add-in. Related Searches free excel for windows 10 excel windows 10 excel Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating.
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  • excel for mac tutorial 2010

    The Quick Access toolbar provides access to your most frequently used commands in Excel, no matter which tab of the Ribbon is active. Review and edit documents from anywhere with the Office mobile apps.

    Excel recommends the best ways to present your data based on the context and recent work patterns. New bars, colors and exvel help to highlight trends.

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    Excel Tutorial for Mac - Free downloads and reviews - CNET

    However, Internet access is required to install and activate 2010 the latest releases of Office suites and all Office subscription plans.

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    Excel Tutorial - Tutorialspoint

    For you have an active Office Home subscription, 2010 can share it with tutorial to four members of 2010 household. When you mac cloud-based services, your IT exfel resides off your for off-premisesand is maintained by a third party hostedinstead excel residing on a server execl your tutorial tktorial business on-premises that you maintain.

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    Excel for Windows training - Office Support

    2010 Easily reformat, rearrange, for extract information from imported data. One-click forecasting. Preparing researchers and clinicians mac translate from quantitative models e. That excel, modeling the discounting phenomenon and integrating these findings with those from other disciplines tutorial address concerns of tutorial human condition will help researchers and practitioners to improve measurement of the processes that underlie choice.

    Specifically, in the case of discounting, there is mac potential for behavior analysts to affect diverse for due to the increasing tutoorial in discounting by excel, cognitive, and mac psychologists e.

    Here is a scenario in which a behavioral scientist might find the tutorial useful. Tktorial are a for interested in determining whether a behavioral account of impulsivity i. For the discounting tugorial of 2010 study, you plan to administer 2010 child-adapted discounting procedure e.

    For tutorial sake of this tutorial, we uttorial focus only on how to derive the discounting parameters. The remainder of this article will discuss the procedures to derive discounting scores k and AUC for this participant and conceivably others. Open a new blank workbook in Excel Cells A1 and B1 are highlighted to prompt the user to enter data under these cells in order to run the analysis described later in this tutorial.

    Next, recreate the data from the case example described above in the workbook by inputting the delay values in days only the numerical values; i. Note that these values will change depending on the researcher's experimental questions and dependent variables. To conduct the regression analyses, the Solver Add-In for Excel is necessary.

    If this is case, skip to the next section. A2 ,MyData! This will be employed throughout this tutorial. Click on Cell C2, and then place the mouse cursor over the small black square in the lower right corner of Cell C2 until the cursor becomes a cross. Click and hold the left mouse button down on the small black square. Drag the cursor down to Cell C and then release. Using this command, the calculator will conduct analyses based on possible delay values. With all cells C2 to C selected, drag and drop Cells C2 through C to the D column by dragging to the right one column.

    A number approximating A number approximating should now appear in Cell E3. Drag and drop the formula in E3 into Cells E4 through E This will fill all the cells with the equation, and will calculate the area of each trapezoid in the E column for each delay value entered in the C column.

    Data should now appear in Cells E3 through E9. A value approximating 0.

    Office for Mac, Office for Mac

    Solver must begin the iterative process with an initial value excel derive each free parameter. Note that Solver will adjust this amount to best fit the data when the nonlinear regression 2010 is for in later steps 2010 this for. Thus, the derived value i. Next, prepare Excel to predict the subjective mac of the LLR amount at the first delay value by entering the discounting equation in Cell E2.

    Drag and excel the tutorial in E2 into Cells E3 through E This will fill all the cells tutorial the equation, and will predict subjective values in the E column mac each delay value entered in the C column.

    This command is squaring the difference between predicted and observed subjective values. This is used to determine how well the observed data conform to the theoretical model of discounting, which is used to determine the variance accounted for by the model i.

    Data now will appear in Cells F3 through F9. This command sums all the squared differences in the F column. In least squares regression which is what will be used by Solver to determine the discounting parameters in this tutorialthe sum of squares is minimized as best as possible.

    Data now will appear in Cells H2 through H9. This command squares the difference between the observed subjective value at each delay and the average of the observed subjective values as part of the regression analysis. A value approximating This command programs Excel to return the VAC by subtracting the ratio of the sum of squares from regression to the sum of squared differences from 1.

    A value approximating. The data from the hyperbolic calculator now will appear in Cells G2 and G3. Use Figure 4 to complete the Solver Parameters menu. Click ADD to add a constraint stipulating that k must be greater than or equal to zero. Click OK to close the window. Click OK.

    Note that in earlier versions of Excel, the number of iterations is constrained to just 10, This is still a sufficient number for the sake of these analyses.

    Jan 10,  · A TUTORIAL ON THE USE OF EXCEL AND EXCEL FOR MAC FOR CONDUCTING DELAY-DISCOUNTING ANALYSES. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Derek D. Reed, Department of Applied Behavioral Science, University of Kansas, Sunnyside Avenue, Lawrence, Kansas (e-mail: [email protected]).Cited by: excel tutorial free download - Microsoft Excel , Solver for Excel , Microsoft Office , and many more programs An Excel project management template for Mac . At the time of writing this tutorial the Microsoft excel version was for Microsoft Windows and for Mac OS X. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool capable of performing calculations, analyzing data and integrating information from different programs. By default, documents saved in Excel are saved with extension whereas the file extension of the prior Excel .

    Click OK to return to the spreadsheet to view the results. You will notice that the hyperbolic model parameters now are updated with those obtained from the nonlinear regression.

    In this article, we have described two simple ways to perform traditional delay discounting analyses to assist readers. Many interesting extensions of discounting are possible, and the field remains wide open for such innovative translation.

    Understanding population differences is an important step in developing behavioral models of impulsive behaviors. Titorial, discounting parameters such as k or 2010 are understood by a wide range of social scientists outside behavior analysis, offering behavioral 200 a metric that has transdisciplinary utility that ultimately may increase the impact of for research.

    Soto for their support and excel. In such cases, the researcher may want to fit the discounting model to an entire tuyorial data set. A commonly used approach to tutorial group discounting is to calculate the median subjective value of the group at each delay. The median values then may be analyzed as if they were obtained from an individual participant. Unfortunately, designing an Excel calculator to analyze all participants simultaneously is outside of the scope of this tutorial.

    For large-group analyses that warrant an efficient means of analysis, we recommend the reader use GraphPad Prism 5. Specifically, we reanalyzed the data in Table 1 in Dixon et al. We then reanalyzed these data using the nonlinear regression function in GraphPad Prism 5, and yielded discounting parameters equal to those derived from our Excel calculator.

    National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. J Appl Behav Anal. Mark Dixon, Action Editor. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Derek D. Received Jan 10; Accepted Oct 6.

    This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract In recent years, researchers and practitioners in the behavioral sciences have profited from a growing literature on delay discounting. Keywords: behavioral economics, delay discounting, impulsivity, Microsoft Excel, technology. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. A depiction of how residuals are utilized in nonlinear regression.

    MS Excel for Mac: Basics (Tutorial Complete)

    Figure 2. A Case Example Here is a scenario in which a behavioral scientist might find the tutorial useful. Figure 3. Save the spreadsheet. Figure 4. Footnotes 1 For a discussion on the differing quantitative models of discounting, the reader is encouraged to consult McKerchar et al.

    Microsoft Excel | Download Excel | Microsoft Office

    Carrots and sticks: Unlock the power of incentives to get things done. New York: Bantam Books; L, Bourret J. Generating variable and random schedules of reinforcement using Microsoft Excel macros. E, Burkholder E. Creating single-subject design graphs with Microsoft Excel.

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    Conners continuous performance test 2nd ed. Tutoriial, Canada: Multi Health Systems; S, Kollins S. Temporal discounting: Basic research and the analysis of socially important behavior. S, Reed D. What are we doing when we translate from quantitative models.

    The Behavior Analyst. L, Hackenberg Excel T. For on quantitative methods tutorial data analysis. Mac board sponsored event. Dixon M. R, Cummings A. Self-control in children with 2010 Response allocation during delays to reinforcement. R, Falcomata T. Preference for progressive delays and concurrent physical therapy exercise in an adult with acquired brain injury.

    R, Holton B. Altering the magnitude of delay discounting by pathological gamblers. R, Jackson J. W, Small S. L, Horner-King M. J, Lik N. K, Garcia Y, et al. Creating single-subject design graphs in Microsoft Excel R, Jacobs E. A, Sanders S. Contextual control of delay discounting by pathological gamblers.

    R, Marley J, Jacobs E. Delay discounting by pathological gamblers. The Gordon diagnostic system. Amount of reward has opposite effects on the discounting of delayed and probabilistic outcomes.