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Best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

Off the shelf, the Power Mac G5 can accommodate just two hard drives. The Mac Pro can handle four. One of the coolest things is to fill them with the highest-capacity hard drives you can find and then configure those drives in a RAID Redundant Array of Independent [or Inexpensive ] Disks. But what exactly is a RAID, and how do you set one up? Let me explain. As the name implies, a RAID is two or more hard drives configured to share or duplicate data. In other words, instead of storing all your data on just one drive, you store it on several.

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best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

All the other stuff is hardware, and is easily replaced. Your data is irreplaceable.

Mar 12,  · How to Build a Custom RAID Setup for a Mac. by Nathan Snelgrove It's always best to future proof your tools to the best of your ability. Setting Up RAID. After you purchase the RAID parts you need, you need to run Disk Utility. Software like RaidEye, free, or RAID Monitor, $30, make monitoring your hard drives a much easier. Feb 23,  · Question: Q: Raid Configuration in Mac Pro. Just set up software RAID 0 with Disk Utility. You will get almost the same speed as with a RAID card. More Less. you might consider using an internal software raid as primary storage, and a Drobo connected by FW as external backup. More expensive, but the one of the safest setups for a. If you’ve installed just one additional drive and are using the hard drive that came with your Mac Pro as part of the RAID, you’ll need to boot from your OS X Install disc; then you set up the.

If you internao your Mac for your livelihood, this downtime can be expensive. The problems riad backups get even worse as you have more and more data: the more data you have, the more time required to restore that data when a drive fails. In addition to the restore issues, if you have tons of data strewn across both internal and one or more external drives, you know how messy it is to store lots of data.

RAIDing the Mac Pro | Macworld

Desk space, power adapters, and connectors for raie external drives are messy. Backup plans are messy. Deciding what to store where is messy.

Replacing a failed external drive is messy. Restoring from a backup is messy. Migrating to a new Mac is messy.

Considering a hardware RAID? Here’s what you need to know | Macworld

Yes, I know software are now 6TB drives, but when your data builds 2010 over mac, you pro drives as needed, leading to raid inefficient storage solution. After years of doing it this way, I was sick of it.

So I went looking for a solution to all of these issues. In particular, I wanted a storage solution that would:. RAID is an acronym for Redundant Setting of Independent Internalwhich is a storage method that combines multiple physical best drives into one virtual drive. But deciding how to implement RAID can be a complicated process. A software For is one that is managed by your Mac, though the disks can and usually will be in an external box.

But which is best? This table summarizes the key differences between hardware and software RAIDs. In a nutshell, if you have the funds, hardware RAID is a better solution. RAIDs can use a mix of striping storing data across multiple disksmirroring duplicating one disk to anotherand parity enabling drive rebuilding via redundancy. Striped disks are really fast, mirrored disks are redundant, and parity helps recover the lost contents of either striped or mirrored drives.

The most-basic levels are RAID 0, which stripes data across disks for speed without any redundancy, and RAID 1, which mirrors data across disks for redundancy. The linked article covers the rest of the standard RAID levels. The end result is that RAID 10 is speedy because data is written to multiple drives and redundant because the data is mirrored. Disk 0 and Disk 1 in the image. The combination of speedy access, redundancy, and support for two drive failures at once is why I decided to use RAID First, the good parts.

With a mirrored RAID setup, I know that my primary data is written twice, giving me protection against a drive failure.

Upgrade Your Mac Pro's Internal Bays to SATA

Before everyone starts yelling, yes, RAID is not a backup! Everything on my RAID is also backed up on removable external drives. I was informed about it, but the drive replaced itself see belowand I lost no data, nor did I spend any time restoring from a backup. Setting up a mirrored RAID set is a great internal back-up solution, providing a real-time back-up that can even automatically repair itself should a drive fail, this is achieved by writing your data to both disks rather than just one.

Again use a bootable USB installer if you have no other drives to install from. If so, RAID 10 might be the one for you. But it is a software clone and does exactly the same thing.

Oct 30,  · Mac Pro 3,1 rebuild with RAID 5 with Spare using SAS 15k Cheetah Drives. Time machine restore - DO TIME MACHINE BACKUP 1ST! Aug 19,  · The Fastest Mac Pro Storage Solution Available: 4x Samsung SM on 1 PCIe card for 2TBs of 5,MB/s read & write speeds; How to set up a software RAID in Mac OS X: Achieve super fast read & write speeds by RAIDing multiple drives together; Nvidia GTX 4GB for the Mac Pro: Create Pro now offering the GTX GPU with Mac EFI, our best value. We set up an Early Mac Pro NCarrion, I successfully used the the Newer Technology MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i controller to upgrade my Late Mac Pro (MacPro5,1). Because the motherboard connection to the 4 internal drive bays are different, you need to use different cables/mounts from the mini-SAS controller to your internal.

You can call it a mirrored-striped-software-RAID-set if you like. You can also set up a striped mirrored RAID set as opposed to mirrored stripedjust set up two mirrors and stripe those together instead.

A brief primer on RAID

Functionality and performance will be the same. As with any storage drive, you should always keep a softwrae or online back-up of your RAID set, regardless of the type. In most cases software RAID sets are very reliable, but they can be susceptible to things such as power cuts, again unlikely, but the possibility is always there even with a mirrored RAID.

Complete with on board battery and controller for extra security.