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Buy motherboard for mac mid 2010

buy motherboard for mac mid 2010

Skip to main content MacBook Pro Motherboard. Odyson - Logic Board 2. We coul replace the part and my my MacBookPro is working again! See All Buying Options. This was quite an expensive logic board, but it has worked perfectly since I installed it, and I am hopeful that, even though these boards Early inch MacBook Pro do have problems, this one won't - we'll see.
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  • It's easy to buy Apple Mac Pro Mid 2010 memory here.
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  • Macbook pro mid logic board failure - Apple Community
  • Apple Mac Pro Mid Memory Upgrades
  • Motherboard Upgrade? Mid Mac Pro? - Apple Community
  • As result, my trusty Apple repair facility telephone me mmac let me know that they had ordered buu logic board to replace the newly installed board and that my MacBook Pro would be ready following Monday. Indeed my MacBook Pro mi ready the following Monday, and it has operated flawlessly for a full 19 days, from August 1, to August 20,giving me the kind of confidence one would expect when paying top dollar for a machine with Apple's reputation for quality in the final days running up to expiration of my AppleCare.

    It occured to me then, as now, that I never purchased such a warranty from Dell, for example, and never had an issue with hardware on any machines other than our MacBook Pros. The only reason we switched to Apple was because of the abysmal Windows operating system.

    MacBook Pro Motherboard:

    I am firmly against purchasing extended warranties on all products other than Apple because, in general, the cost of the 0210 over its useful life renders the cost of motherboard warranty un-economical. Motherbboard, because of the extraordinarily high cost of repair on Apple products, and the buy that Apple was new to us, we did purchase apple care on all our MacBook Pros and we are 2010 that we did so.

    We are however questioning whether or not to replace our Apple computers or to motherboadr to PCs which, mid us, have been remarkably solid in terms of hardware, but which mac us to consider the almost unthinkable return to Windows when we replace machines next January.

    For my company, MacBooks have become much like Italian sports cars: Fun to drive, but expensive to buy, tempermental and expensive to repair; and you have to have another, non-Apple, machine if you actually need a reliable computer for every day work while your MacBook is in the shop.

    While my little tirade may not have added to the discussion, it did give me the catharsis I needed at the moment, but I hope no Apple fans were harmed as a result.

    Aug 21, AM. Oct 26, PM in response to pavanask1 In response to pavanask1. I have the same issue. They ask dollars for a new Logic Board and Apple Spain refuses to give me a solution or even an explanation.

    Do you guys know if Apple plans to give us some help? Oct 26, PM. Oct 26, PM in response to caravelfilmes In response to caravelfilmes. Anyone know if Apple is going to extend the replacement policy again? Or do I have to pay dollars just because my logic board took a bit too long to die? They just told me it's out of warranty.

    Nothing else. Like there's no problem at all with these computers.

    It's easy to buy Apple Mac Pro Mid 2010 memory here.

    Just bad luck mine crashed. This is mdi simple maac plain fraud. Oct 27, AM in response to caravelfilmes In response to caravelfilmes. In my previous messages I messed up the logic board replacement price. Just motheroard be fair, the real price according to the budget the Technical Support guys sent to me is euros, about dollars. Oct 27, AM. Nov 6, AM in response to caravelfilmes In response to caravelfilmes.

    I have the exact same issue and am - as good Apple products customer - really P. Their products are really fun to use as long as they work, but the customer service is more than terrible Nov 6, AM. Dec 1, AM in response to ocbizlaw In response to ocbizlaw.

    I ran the hardware test about a month or so back - this was when my laptop that was on and functional even checked emails and edited a word doc.

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    Battery was full. Tried an entire range of things. It promptly shut down in the middle of that. Then I managed to run the hardware test but it showed no issues but still would not start.

    Sometimes I would hear the fans starting. Sometimes it would get to the gray screen and then power down. Took it to Genius Bar the same day as soon as an appointment slot opened. The Genie? He could not diagnose what the problem was either.

    Macbook pro mid logic board failure - Apple Community

    All was well till last week. MBP was working fine in the bhy at home. I get to the office and all I could hear were beeps one every 5 seconds, constant. Apple online support walked me through the issue and suggested reseating the RAM and resetting the PRAM Genius Bar appointments were not easily available and getting to one in Rome is tough, so the first thing was to try on my own.

    He did that and put a special tape or glue so it does not move around. Macbook been working ever since yesterday night. I asked him what the long-term solution was?

    Logic board replacement. Now I am afraid to put this to sleep, and feel the need to shut this down I associate these issues with having the laptop in sleep mode during transit. As is, I have everything in my Dropbox but I would like to walk around with peace of mind which is why I bought MBP in the first place!

    I am also annoyed that I can no longer run hardware tests on my MBP because the internet test does not work for these machines midand I don't have the original installation disks with me.

    Mohterboard appreciate your tirade. Same reason, Bky am posting in logic board related threads. Funnily enough, I live in Rome and have been comparing MBPs to Italian cars as well to explain my distress to colleagues.

    Dec 1, AM. Now, I was able to isolate the problem. My mac crashes when final cut pro is in full speed, or when I am requesting major effort from the graphics card. But this only started 'convienently' after the 3 year from purchase deadline, and 'suspiciously' after installing mavericks I'm together with you all, love the machine when it works, but right now, when I need it the most Not so much.

    buy motherboard for mac mid 2010

    Mar 13, AM. Exact same problem. Been crashing once per startup recently and when motberboard up from sleep.

    Mid and bought near there so there is no chance in getting warranty coverage at this point. Real nice scam these guys are running here. Jun 10, AM. I have the same model MBP mid, with the exact problem as you guys. Now, I feel I wasted thousands of dollars on this one.

    Aug 25, AM. Question: Q: Macbook pro mid logic board failure More Less. Communities Contact Support.

    Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Fir. Ask a question. User profile for user: pavanask1 pavanask1. More Less. It is possible to fit a faster Xeon chip as mentioned by The Hatter, I did this myself to my own dual processor MacPro.

    It is also possible but extremely expensive to trade-in your single CPU processor tray for a dual-processor tray. As an example the i also uses this socket type. It is my understanding that the i7 does not support dual CPU configurations and that this is only possible with Xeon chips although some Xeon chips are also only usable in single CPU boards.

    Apple Mac Pro Mid Memory Upgrades

    Warning: Some people advertise dual CPU trays on eBay as being for a MacPro5,1 but sometimes they are cheating and they are from a MacPro4,1 which has had the 5,1 firmware installed, as a result they are not fully compatible with a real MacPro5,1.

    The following link lists most of the possible CPU upgrade permutations for your Mac although you may find these upgrades cheaper elsewhere. Nov 16, AM. Question: Q: Motherboard Upgrade? Mid Mac Pro? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

    buy motherboard for mac mid 2010

    Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. All replies Drop Down biy. Loading page content. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: BitterCreek BitterCreek. User profile for user: The hatter The hatter. What you can do is drop in a W or W for 6-core 3.

    Motherboard Upgrade? Mid Mac Pro? - Apple Community

    Fog don't yet use more than 4-cores if that so a 4-core 3. Mar 12, AM in response to The hatter In response to The hatter Games don't yet use more than 4-cores if that so a 4-core 3.

    Mar 12, AM in response to BitterCreek In response to BitterCreek they are not coded or from my non gaming reading on eVGA site forum the recommendations have always been and boiled down to.

    Jul 05,  · Hey I have a few questions about an SSD upgrade for my Mid Mac Pro. I mainly use it for Video Editing, Rendering and Music Production. So far it runs the programms and the Data Storage on HDD Drives but it is getting a bit slow. What Apple Mac Pro Mid memory speed is supported? DDR Why may there be various speeds of Apple Mac Pro Mid memory? Some servers often have various configurations and versions. If you are unsure what you need, please refer to your Mid manual or data sheet. If you need tech support, please contact us. Mar 27,  · Buy Odyson - Logic Board GHz Core i7 (iM) Replacement for MacBook Pro 15" Unibody A (Mid ): Laptop Replacement Parts - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(2).