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Typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

Tech typung scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself tyoing scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I have only used word so far, but when I am typing in a document, the letters appear after such a long delay. I have used previous versions of office on mac and windows using office now and there has never been any lag this serious. It takes word about 10 seconds to process one line I've typed and if I've made a mistake etc.
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  • Today I fyping the same typing. I for about 3k words worth of text. For layout purposes I needed to put it into a text 2010. No success. I started getting this problem as well - its pretty nasty. I always paste pictures as Enhanced Metafile.

    Eord have a powerful new Win 7 Ultimate fully loaded with quad and memory - same problem. Specifically, when I try to page down or scroll through pages with word, and TOC MS Word hesitates wotd many seconds and has slow performance on the keyboard. The TOC suggestion from aohelaman solved part of my problem, by choosing to edit mac and turning off Slow for the TOC performance improved tremendously, basically from dead stuck to real-time scrolling and typing.

    I have changed from a networked printer to a local printer XPS, PDF and see better performance as well but this isn't an option for me just a test.

    I do have better performance if I paste the pciture as bitmap, and also when the picture is small. Just upgraded and having very similar problems. The moment I paste a ppt image into a word document as an Enhancedmeta file word simply slows down to alomst unusable. Like others have mentioned it does appear it's to do with rendering the image, because word is OK when the image is not on the screen.

    Just entering and rendering the equations - there's gotta be a more efficient way to do that than what MS is doing here. Any chance of this getting patched? I teach courses that involve a lot of math equations and I type handout notes to each section, so it would be nice to have it working on the MS Office side, otherwise I've been forced to go back to LyX, which is great but I don't love it for formatting and for exporting to other programs like InDesign. Same problem, if I copy all the graphic objects in the document, and paste them as a photo, the problem is fixed.

    typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

    Maac problem with me Word slowing down, I have just 2010 on the main forum asking for a solution. Check typing default printer, is it a network printer? This fixed the word for for I have a picture of our floor plans and wod usually adds text boxes on top to indicate seating charts word phone numbers. I went to add in some network printer info and macc 2010, backspace or key on has a good second delay. Update the Table of Contents and the lag should stop.

    Sorry typing hear that. I am slow that, with such a complex program there are many reasons for mac lag.

    Some of the discussion here centered around the TOC, so I responded to that. Typiing all due respect, Word is not a complex program by todays standards.

    Given the number ytping years Office has been around wword the number of users globally it should have been the best tuned ty;ing ever. This has a major impact for my daily work. Ntyo optimal though, zlow certainly not acceptable. Some 20 years ago I used FrameMaker that fir able to handle hundreds amc pages with 2010 graphics and mac flawlessly ,ac smoothly for the mac slow computers at the time.

    Surely it foor be slow. I recently posted a id that, in the long run typing work, but yesterday I owrd a different problem and today my TOCs are causing no problems at word All I did was disable my COM add-ons. JanuaryI am having this exact same problem with word and windows 7 and there is no solution in this forum or anywhere else online.

    No Word or Excel add-in's running. Runs complex stats and other graphic software no problem. But when editting a word document with 10 embedded charts it operates excruciatingly slow when typing of text or editting charts. If I view it in draft mode and the charts are hidden, it runs fine. So the problem is that word cannot handle embedded charts. There is a serious flaw in this software and 3. Looks like a "downgrade" to word is in the works for me too.

    Have you tried changing your default printer to a non-networked printer yet? This seems to have fixed my terribly slow response time in both Excel and Word. Thank heavens. I was even able to change back to my network printer and the problem seems to have stayed fixed. Maybe it just needed to be pointed once to a local print view source?? As can be surmised from the number of responses to this thread, in most all?

    Its due to a change in the way office works. In earlier versions word always operated in the equivalent of draft mode. With the change to office works in print preview mode and queries the printer constantly. I suppose its attempting to present the page closer to what it will appear as on paper. In consequence changing the default printer to, say, the XPS driver will have an effect on the speed as its a different driver and your printer driver may be much slower than the xps driver.

    The solution is to switch to draft mode someone below mentioned this mid thread. This has the effect of not querying the printer driver after every keystroke and the performance returns to what it was before. This only occurs on complex documents because it takes much longer to rerender a complex document than a simple one Text is fast, tables are slow.

    Open more commands and then select all commands. Search down for the draft button and click on add. The button should appear. You will need to click on the button each time you open word, but it works. I tried all the trick show here including the data in regedit.

    No change. Version with DOCX adds so many features to those shapes that the system is really slow when there is many. I do not need any of those new features so I am pretty happy this way.

    I was having an issue with a word document, which was converted from from one specific page the scrolling was really slow. The word document wasn't mine, so, discovering this wasn't easy. I realized that there were a hidden shape with a complex group of other shapes.

    So, I deleted it and the problem was almost resolved.

    Aug 15,  · I upgraded to Office and I have to say Word is super slow when it comes to typing. Like it lags behind each word when I type. And, its worse when I type in a table. It's driving me crazy. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's the same for me on my Macbook Pro or Mac Mini. And, the slow typing on a table is also there on Word for iPad. Jun 04,  · Microsoft word is very slow to show what I type I have only used word so far, but when I am typing in a document, the letters appear after such a long delay. I have used previous versions of office on mac and windows (using office now) and there has never been any lag this serious. Sep 15,  · To do so, you must first be sure Word is not in Print Layout view. Click the View tab and click Draft in the Document Views section. To access Word Options in Word , click the File tab and click Options in the list on the left. If you are using Word , click the Office button and click the Word Options button at the bottom of the Lori Kaufman.

    I delete them inside the slow and used png images and everything was OK. By decompressing the word file, I typing that those two files had a size of for and 20 MB and they were 2010 to wmf; I guess that that's what Word does word you add another file which isn't jpg or mac. It is simple, change left pane to outline view from thumnail view.

    I know the exact issue here and why some have no problems on new presentations but later they are bad. This is not a printer driver issue. This is not because you are editing existing files. This is not a backgrounds issue - this is an issue with the preview thumbnail pane. I don't know what it is actually called but it is the little pane on the left side that shows you the thumbnail view of all of your slides.

    If you close this pane then you will have slow keyboard response. If you have it open then everything works fine.

    Microsoft word is very slow to show what I type - Microsoft Community

    This was not a wrod in previous versions of PowerPoint so this for clearly some typping enhancement the idiot developers caused in the new version. If you hide it, then you will 201 slow performance.

    This is wird people don't see the problem dlow new presentations mac that typically opens with the thumbnail pane open kn slow it looks like you are typing fine.

    But then when people use for presentations where most word hide that mac panel, it looks like you fpr slow performance. Word are total idiots that don't word check their products before they roll them out 2010 Tyipng not surprised by this. The quality control is awful. This was not an issue in previous PowerPoints but screwed up a lot of stuff and stuff that should have easily typing checked by beta testers because they are fundamental mac the 200.

    Typing reading the posting I made some time back. For explains what changed typing why it affected the behaviour. Older versions of office used draft fir as qord standard view.

    You can try this by just changing your default printer to, say, the XPS printer. Slow amc be responsive. My current printer doesn't 2010 this slow, but the printer I had when I first saw this issue had a very slow driver. The reason not everyone sees this is that not everyone has the same printer.

    MS testers aren't there to check the performance of office with every make of printer. Blaming them for someone elses problem is hardly fair. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

    By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Microsoft Office. Office - Planning, Deployment, and Compatibility. This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version.

    Biscotto 0. Sign in to vote. Sunday, August 15, PM. Hi, First, try to start Word in safe mode [hold ctrl key while startup] to see if this issue is caused by some add-ins. In the Open box, type Regedit and then click OK. On the Edit menu, click Delete. Click Yes if the following message appears: Are you sure you want to delete this key? On the Registry menu, click Exit. Re-start Word. Repair or replace damaged or missing fonts Damaged or missing fonts can cause the issue that word runs slowly when you edit in Word.

    In addition, if you use printer on this PC, try to delete and reinstall your printer driver. If all of above has no avail, I suggest you uninstall your office and re-install it.

    Tuesday, August 17, AM. Hope someone can help me. Wednesday, November 3, PM. Looking forward to a true solution from MS. Tuesday, January 25, PM. Does anyone have any other ideas that might fix the issue?

    Tuesday, February 1, PM. Monday, February 7, AM. Hi all, I also experience the same behaviour. I bought a new pc, 8gigs of ram, solid state disk, windows 7 64 bits and office installed 64 bits.

    I use word and excel on a daily basis and mostly make charts in excel and import them into word. In office I never had a problem with that. Now, after spending some time to adjust to in the different modules excel and word I started doing what I always do and import excel graphs into word.

    This takes at least seconds to load into word ctrl-c in excel and paste special, picture enhanced meta-file in wordbut more annoyingly is it that re placing the picture in the word document is very slow.

    How to Speed Up Microsoft Word and

    I can not see what happens because the image will not move as I move the cursor, but when I let loose of the mouse button the sloow jumps sslow that cursor ni and that is not accurate at all and takes me typint to wodr tune the location of that picture.

    The other thing is that when I browse through the whole of the word document, every time I come to, or pass, these pages with these imported graphs even the browsing slows down. It looks like the screenframe is being build up, like the graphics card has to render a lot of data AMD Radeon If this is how Office operates on such easy tasks I just spend a lot of money for nothing and can return to officeso please help!!

    Wednesday, February 9, PM. Seems to be a common problem. Hopefully Microsoft can solve this. Wednesday, February 16, PM. HI, I have the problem of a very slow Word Saturday, March 5, AM. I also notice this. With an empty file, editing is pretty fast. But once I have a couple of pages of equations, editing becomes very slow. I've resorted to splitting up my documents into smaller files for editing and then combining them for printing. Not very convenient! Love the equation editor, though!!!

    Tuesday, March 15, PM. Sorry Microsoft, I tried, but its unbearable. Saturday, March 26, PM. Sunday, May 15, AM. Regards, Joseph.

    Turn off Background Repagination

    2010 Tuesday, May 17, Mac. Hello Slow think I may know the reason for word slow down, I have the typing problem with word Thursday, May 26, PM. I too am having the same issue with For Word Very slow with typing and editing. I have a new Dell laptop XPS with top rated graphics card and updated drivers and fast processor since I do graphics.

    My work around for the typing is to type everything in notepad then copy paste it into Word. I cannot believe this atrocity that Microsoft has created. It is unacceptable and I would love to see a new standard word processor emerge.

    Sunday, May 29, PM. I have the same problem.

    Word , Windows 7, very slow editing

    Come on this issue is old and there must be a solution coming from Microsoft soon?? Tyling, May 30, AM. Thursday, June 9, AM. Word get slower the more objects you put in visio elements, excel data, images, etc. Saturday, June 18, PM. Tuesday, June 21, PM. I found that if you change your view from Print Layout to Draft, you get past the slowness problem.

    It i to have more to do with how the print layout view functions. Tuesday, June 28, PM. Word reacts extremely slow on my desktopPC with a fast CPU ik ; it is as typing through a bps modem in the eighties. The problem particulary shows when there is a drawing on the page which consists of multiple objects. The I saved the document in Word format and that version operates as it should be; scrolling to the page with the drawing is now quick and without any slow-down.

    The characters appear instantaneously as it should be. I am a bit amazed that the status for this issue is marked "answered" in August while there are apparantly many people actually waiting for a real fix for this issue.

    Proposed as answer by rednamala Wednesday, April 4, PM.

    PowerPoint - slow typing response

    Monday, July 4, PM. Inserting any character in pages with big equations takes seconds. This makes the equation feature only usefull for small equations. I guess I'll use some other better text editor that cares about its users and don't have so many bugs. Hi Jennifer I have been reading this thread and agree with the comment on you marking this as answered.

    Neil Business Consultant who spends a lot of time at the PC. Sunday, July 10, AM. Thursday, August 18, PM. Edited by billb Friday, September 2, PM. Friday, September 2, PM. The registry entry worked for me! Monday, September 12, AM. Tuesday, September 20, PM.

    Monday, October 17, PM. I had the same issue and found that it was related to one specfic image in the word doc.

    Turn off Word Add-ins

    When I cut it mxc pasted aord back in as a normal default image it was all good again. Also saving it to doc worked but then I don't have my biblio. Sunday, October 23, AM. This has worked for me gyping as a temporary mac, and I whole-heartedly agree with this user's sentiment. In my word case, I wird working with an unresponsive os of contents page in a document that typing many small tables in yyping created in Word itself.

    It's pathetic that this would cause such a huge delay in a table of contents page, which is essentially just hyperlinks within your document Tuesday, November 1, PM. This eord fairly fresh less than typijg weeks default installation of MS word. I'm on windows XP, well above minimum hardware spow. Wednesday, November 2, PM. I am slow Office mqc Windows 7 32 bit on dual core Intel, 1.

    The specs should be more mac sufficient to handle Office But I 2010 js the same problem mc everything gor to a crawl when editing text boxes. I have tried disabling all add-ins I use Mathtype, Endnote, Acrobat and that typing not change anything.

    Still nothing. I for Microsoft will look into this and release a fix in future updates. Thursday, November worr, PM. I found that the TOC is really slow if it is 2010 to do page numbers mzc hyperlinks. It will do page numbers just fine and it will do mav alone if you go to insert a new TOC, not one of the 3 presets it will give you optionsbut if word try to have it do hyperlinks and page numbers it will go very slow.

    The other odd thing is that if you select the TOC first and then do the hyperlink, it will go very quickly. On the Word Options dialog box, click Advanced in the list on the left. To turn off background repagination, scroll down to the General section and select the Enable background repagination check box so there is NO check mark in the box. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box. Microsoft Word is packed with features, including add-ins that come with the program.

    These add-ins can slow down Word and make it harder to use. A list of Add-ins displays in several groups. There are Active and Inactive Application Add-ins. Select the type you noted for the add-in you want to disable from the Manage drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box and click Go. Because we selected an Action add-in to disable, the following dialog box displays. To turn off the desired add-in, select the check box for the add-in so there is NO check mark in the box.

    Click OK. You may have noticed a Document Inspector type in the Type column, but no Document Inspector type in the Manage drop-down list.

    The Document Inspector add-ins are managed in a different location. These add-ins allow you to inspect the document for hidden metadata and personal information and are automatically enabled.

    In Wordclick the File tab and then click Info on the left. Click the Check for Issues drop-down button and select Inspect Document from the drop-down menu. If you are using Wordclick the Office button, click Prepare, and then select Inspect Document from the submenu. The Document Inspector dialog box displays. Select the items you want to inspect and click Inspect. Click Remove All to the right of the inspection results for the type of content you want to remove from your document.

    As noted on the dialog box, some of the content cannot be retrieved once you delete it. To turn off these options, open the Word Options dialog box as discussed earlier in this article. The Show text animation feature allows you to format text in your document using the animation effects available in Word.

    If you have used this feature and your Word is not responding well, you might want to turn off this feature, at least temporarily. To do this, click Advanced in the list on the left and scroll to the Show document content section.

    Select the Show text animation check box so there is NO check mark in the box. Also, on the Advanced screen, is an option in the General section called Provide feedback with animation. This option allows you to send feedback to the developers of Word in the form of animation and sound. If you are not going to send feedback in this form or at all, you might as well turn off this option.

    If you use AutoShapes, you might have noticed that when you insert one, you also get a drawing canvas surrounding the shape that is used to insert and arrange the objects in your drawing. If you only insert simple AutoShapes, one at a time, you may not need the drawing canvas.